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Pin: Friends Are There To Tell You Stuff You Don't Notice

Title: Friends Are There to Tell You Stuff You Don’t Notice
Genre: General/Humor
Pairing: Pin friendship; but they do joke about the other kind of relationship.
Rating: PG-13 for Yamapi’s use of the word “ass”
Word Count: 187
Summary: Jin has always had the habit of wearing loose low-waist pants.

Mary's father has five daughters: Nana, Nene, Nini, Nono… What's the name of the fifth daughter?

“And Yuu was like, 'I dunno, Nunu?' I can't believe him!” Jin paused to laugh, "And they call me stupid, seriously.” Jin sipped on his drink.

“He's too lazy to think, sometimes.” Yamapi laughed. He was about to sip on his drink when, suddenly, he caught sight of Jin's exposed back, underwear and...

“Sheesh, Jin.” He pulled Jin's shirt down. “I can see your ass.”

Jin has always had the habit of wearing loose low-waist pants. He straightened his body and attempted to pull his pants up. “You like seeing my ass,” he used a sarcastic tone and sighed. “This always happens.”

Yamapi removed his jacket. “Here, tie it on your waist. Or would you like me to do that for you?” He rolled his eyes.

“Pff,” Jin huffed and tied the jacket. “Don't make it so obvious that you have the hots for me.”

Both boys then laughed at each other.

“But seriously, you really need to wear long jackets, Jin.”

“Shut up,” he shoved Yamapi’s shoulder. “I will already.”

Please comment and give constructive criticsm C: and help me improve my writing skills! I want to be as great as some of my fic writing idols :D

Written on miruiki’s YM window, because I only write fics (in script mode!) on YM windows or random comments. takeoutfries where are you? :c

Tags: fan: fic, ♥ pin
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