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I moved to surfwithanalien

I didn't really want to say it, but I don't like the JE fandom that much anymore. I still like them, but, I just check every once in a while. I'm sorry. :( I feel like I've betrayed you guys. :(

If you guys still want to be friends with me, just add me :) I'd be more than happy to keep you as my friend :)

You can unfriend this journal if you want :)

I'd be having a lot of Real Life posts over there, and my current fandom is Axis Powers Hetalia

I went back to the animanga fandom. ^^

... I really love my new layout over there. :D
yone plzkiss! D:

So uhm, apparently, there's P-pop

I might be a little bit late but,

Apparently, we now have the existence of P-pop, or Pinoy Pop.

It has the same format as J-pop and K-pop. Native language with English lyrics (Except P-pop pronounces better.)

Honestly, i have mixed feelings about this band. :/

All the members, except one, aren't pure Filipinos, they're mixed-blood. Isn't the Filipino Media contented with pure filipinos? D: Don't they find the pure filipino's prettier than the... D: *shrugs*

And I wish they chose a better name for them. Pop Girls just sound.. erm D: *shrugs again*,

Well apparently, the song is a bit catchy; and the video has erm, the Pinoy corniness in it. But K-pop and J-pop has their own version of corny, too, so I guess it's okay.

What do you guys think?

I want some boy bands. o:
Gaki: Hai!


I just watched Barbie in Rapunzel. and the prince, Stefan.... he looks like a cheerful Ludwig from Hetalia. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

.. i don't want to study,. :c



i missed you guys!
Maru's 00'00'04 of sexiness

help me title a fic, please? ♥

Which is the best title?

The Journey of Koki's Real Face
The Quest to Find Koki's Real Face
How Koki Lost and Found His Real Face
KAT-TUN - Pirates in Search for The Real Face
Ri-ri-ri-ri-real Face (x2) Muh muh muh muh (pun on Lady Gaga's Poker Face 8D)
Yara digs treasure with his BEAR 8D hand

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Remember the “Choose Your Adventure” books where you skipped around different versions of the story? The comedy team of Chad, Matt, and Rob have created a video version! Watch as the three zip around the space/time continuum and you decide what happens next. The first chapter is here, your selections will take you to YouTube.

:D :D :D ♥♥♥ i'm not done yet. It's so awesome ♥ :D
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Pin: Friends Are There To Tell You Stuff You Don't Notice

Title: Friends Are There to Tell You Stuff You Don’t Notice
Genre: General/Humor
Pairing: Pin friendship; but they do joke about the other kind of relationship.
Rating: PG-13 for Yamapi’s use of the word “ass”
Word Count: 187
Summary: Jin has always had the habit of wearing loose low-waist pants.

Collapse )
Please comment and give constructive criticsm C: and help me improve my writing skills! I want to be as great as some of my fic writing idols :D

Written on miruiki’s YM window, because I only write fics (in script mode!) on YM windows or random comments. takeoutfries where are you? :c

yone plzkiss! D:


hahahaha :D

So i'm making the summaries of Noli me Tangere and finishing the Literary Magazine, scanning the photos for my Dad, playing Pet Society in facebook, reading HETALIA and watching stuff in YouTube. :D BEAT THAT 8D

It's the SIMS version of PIN! ♥

LOL :D There's even a playlist. BUT THIS ONE MADE ME LAUGH SO MUCH HAHAHA. Jin's topics of conversation are so.. Jin. (MAGIC!) and Pi.. with that.. hahaha, crime/law? what XD Jin's not interested in that. OH AND THEY BATTLE FOR DOMINANCE TOO. But Jin looses in the end. HAHAHA :D LOL. it's so.. funny.