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So uhm, apparently, there's P-pop

I might be a little bit late but,

Apparently, we now have the existence of P-pop, or Pinoy Pop.

It has the same format as J-pop and K-pop. Native language with English lyrics (Except P-pop pronounces better.)

Honestly, i have mixed feelings about this band. :/

All the members, except one, aren't pure Filipinos, they're mixed-blood. Isn't the Filipino Media contented with pure filipinos? D: Don't they find the pure filipino's prettier than the... D: *shrugs*

And I wish they chose a better name for them. Pop Girls just sound.. erm D: *shrugs again*,

Well apparently, the song is a bit catchy; and the video has erm, the Pinoy corniness in it. But K-pop and J-pop has their own version of corny, too, so I guess it's okay.

What do you guys think?

I want some boy bands. o:
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